There's still time to enroll in Covered California!

The deadline to enroll is now February 6th, 2016. However, you can only enroll now with the help of a certified agent. If you enroll by February 6th you will have coverage starting March 1st 2016 and you will not incur any 2016 tax penalties.

Joe Kasper is a certified financial planner and an authorized agent for Covered California. He is happy to answer any questions you might have about the enrollment process, and he can get you enrolled in a plan before it's too late.

If you are uninsured and have not signed up for a Covered California plan by that date, you could be subject to tax penalties of up to $2, 085!

The tax penalties for remaining uninsured have increased in 2016:

Tax Penalties: 2015 vs. 2016
Percentage of Household Income Per Adult Per Child Maximum Per Family
2015 2.0 $325 $162.50 $975
2016 2.5 $695 $347.50 $2,085

At Kasper Financial, we realize that the process of choosing an insurance plan can be overwhelming and confusing-- especially so because this year, Covered California has added two additional insurance carriers and optional family dental plans.

We're here to help.  Joe Kasper can help you choose the Covered California plan that is best for you and your family. It's not too late-- contact us today to get help and get insured.


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